Monday, October 17, 2011

Uses of Amla

Amla - pevent Ageing , promote Longevity & healthy Living
How to live more than 100 years with Amla : Amla – Indian gooseberry is most widely used herb in medicine system of Ayurveda. Amla helps to maintain the balance of three Dosha of Vat (wind), Pitta (bile) & Cough (phlegm) & sustain the defense mechanism of the body. The fruit of amla tree constitute the main drug though all parts of the tree have medicinal values. Charka has specifically mentioned amla as a great rasayana which helps to protect the people from chronic diseases & keeps away the manifestation of premature ageing.

Amla is the richest natural source of Vitamin C & has much Vitamin C than the orange. It is also used as food supplement because it has no side effect & Vitamin C present in amla is easily assimilated by the body. Regular intake of amla powder , empty stomach in the morning helps to check the toxins of body. You will never have constipation & other digestive disorders. It may dissolve the blockages of heart & make your heart strong.

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